Where the wind blows

by Mama Jo


With age and experience, one is supposed to be wiser. So, I suppose I am, but sometimes it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.

Since the tween years, I’ve been going through continuous coming-of-age cycles. Am I wiser? Yeah!…I mean, sort of. By my early twenties, I was half-jokingly naming them my quarter-life crises. By now, I know this is just life, struggling to live fully, hoping to love rightly, and trying to remind myself what matters most along the way.

5 years ago, inquisitively contemplative conversations with myself on an anonymous little piece of blogosphere gave peace to my worries and strength to move forward into more unknowns. 5 years later, I find I am again in sore need of more than a little of both.

Wisdom is not knowing where the wind may blow, just that it will always do so.