There is good pride and stupidly bad pride.

by Mama Jo

Since when have I become so afraid of making mistakes? It’s enough to put even the most peaceful yogi in a foul mood.

Although, I’ve got a hunch that it is hardest for me to acknowledge regrets since it means I need to own up to my mistakes– of the stupidly bad pride variety. It’s learning to forgive and trust myself, letting go of all the things that don’t matter, that I can’t control, and simply need to face openly and outright.

I am no longer the same person nor would I want to be. While I mourn losing some of that foolish naivety, in a way I know it will always be remain the part of me that guides my hope…simply tempered by some very valuable lessons.

If there is any way to be a smart happy fool, then I’m going to try best to make it happen!