Bucket List

…what imagination does is that it allows us conceive the life full of future possibilities, pick the most amazing one and pull the present forward to meet it. -Jason Silva

There is value in knowing what you want: it reflects self-awareness, but more important, it’s a necessary prelude to making it happen. And sometimes just because you did it once, doesn’t mean you can’t do it again…and again. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, we should. I mean, why wouldn’t we do what’s proven to make us happy?

Some of these things I’ve already done while others are things I’m going to do. Either way, it’s some kind of awesome to have a fluid list reflecting your dreams, desires and destiny.

  1. Plan a surprise water gun fight at the least expected moment
  2. Slow-dance naked with someone
  3. Share a kiss underwater
  4. Have a romantic tryst in a mini-waterfall
  5. Sing karaoke alone for hours
  6. Sing karaoke in public
  7. Have my feet warmed through body contact
  8. Go on a whirlwind travel adventure
  9. Partner yoga with my partner
  10. Dye my hair platinum G-dragon blond, just once
  11. Write a book of fiction, like something with assassins, fantasy superpowers, and magic
  12. Play with sparklers
  13. Go skinny-dipping
  14. Sleep on and under furs/velvet covers
  15. Be read to before bed
  16. Attend a concert tour show
  17. Just once, make thoroughly decadent desserts with butter, buttermilk, and whip cream
  18. Plan a life together with someone involving serious and silly lists, and reasons why we adore each other
  19. Learn to throw daggers. Accurately.
  20. Personally grill a fish I caught with a hooking line. Nets don’t count!
  21. See the snow fall from an onsen in Hokkaido
  22. Stay at an Ashram, whether in India or elsewhere
  23. Graffiti a wall
  24. Play a song my favorite traditional Chinese instrument